Day out at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard 9th July 2017

An afternoon out with mummy and daddy who wouldn’t tell me where we were going.  We caught the bus just by our house and I tried to get them to tell me but they would.

As we got near to our bus stop I saw the Dockyard.  I asked if we were going there but they still wouldn’t tell me.

We queued up but didn’t have to wait too long, we made our way over to The Mary Rose Museum.  It was very different inside, you can now see the whole of the wreck.  I didn’t like it at first because it was high up and I don’t like heights but mummy and daddy showed me there was glass between me and the Mary Rose.

After we left the museum we had a look around the shop, lots of nice things.

Then made our way to the Jutland Museum which wasn’t there the last time we were there.  That was very interesting.

Leaving the museum we saw there were no queues for the boat tour so daddy said “lets go on here and we can get off at Gun Wharf.” Which we did, we had to wait until 2.30 but we were at the front of the queue, we got talking to another family and mummy told them that I was homeschooled, they were fascinated and said ask so many questions but they were really interested.  They told us they had come on a day trip from Bristol, Daddy’s accent came out once he got talking with them.

When it was time for the tour, we got on and went right to the front outside, it was lovely and breezing which cooled up both down.  We couldn’t hear the man on the tannoy but both mummy and daddy said “don’t worry we can come back when everyone is at school.” We love homeschooling.

We got off at Gun Wharf and we went into the Cadbury Shop, daddy treated me and mummy to some very yummy chocolate.  We got a drink and waited for the bus to take us home again.  I fell asleep in mummy’s arms on the way home.  We are all very tired now, just waiting to see what’s for dinner.

I had a lovely time and can’t wait to go back there and do some History work.

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