Direct Speech

Put in the missing speech marks and underline the actual words spoken in each sentence.
For example: “I’m hungry,” said Luke.

“So am I,” replied Sam.  

“Let’s go and get something to eat,” Luke suggested.  

“Shall we have a burger and chips?” Sam asked.  

“That’s a good idea,” agreed Luke.  

“I’m going to have a king size burger,” Sam said.”And I’m going to have a large portion of chips,” smiled Luke.  

“Shall we have a drink as well?” Sam asked.  

“Yes. Let’s have a can of cola each,” Luke said.  

“Pass me the sugar, please,” said Mrs. Norland.   

“Are you tired?” asked the teacher.  

“I can see you,” shouted Brian.   

“Please, Mummy, may I have an apple?” begged Simon.  

“Come here, Spot,” said the little boy to his dog.  

“I don’t want to go to bed yet,” said Sandra with a pout.  

“Hurry up, Linda, or you’ll be late,” said her mother.  

“Spare a penny for the guy, please?” asked the two boys.  

“Here is fifty pence for you,” replied the gentleman.  

“Be quiet, baby’s sleeping,” whispered Jennifer’s mother.  




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