Report March 2016 – June 2017

Jayne has become so much more confident, she has taught herself Photoshop with just a little help from her daddy.  She will import pictures into Photoshop and make changes to them to make the pictures her own, as well as create her own pictures from scratch.

Human Body

Jayne loves learning about the human body and researches using the internet regularly


Jayne is exceeding in her drawing and she has also started working on wooden models.



Jayne has just started reviewing books for a children’s author, she has completed her first review which can be found on her blog.


Jayne completes her spelling via a Spelling book which she is doing really well at.


Jayne loves researching, we often find her on the computer looking up new subjects to find out more.

Days out and Photography

We have gone out to various places including the Natural History Museum here in Southsea, where she was in her element going around researching the fossils and the stuffed animals they had on display.  We also visited the model village next door and Jayne loved looking at the miniature village scenes on display. Jayne loves taking photos and we are looking at incorporating her art with her photography

Online work

I have set up courses on her blog where questions have been created for her to complete.  This includes her History, English, Natural History and various other subjects


Jayne has just shown an interest in learning to play the guitar, so this is something we are going to research further.  She also joined in playing the XBOX The Beatles Kinex game where you play the guitar, drums and sing along with them.  She seemed to enjoy the singing although she was very quiet at first she did begin to sing a bit louder, so I think the more she plays this game, the more confident she will be.


Jayne does Dance Central regularly on the XBox 360 and is doing really well at it, she keeps up with the online instructions very well.

I set Jayne work at the beginning of the week, which she has to complete during that time period.  If completed early, she then can choose what to do next which is usually Photoshop or drawing.

Jayne has come a long way and we are very proud of all the hard work she is doing.

Well done Jayne and keep up the good work!

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